Human Potential: Everyone, individually and collectively, has untapped potential that can be unleashed. As one measure of our company’s success, we will seek feedback from each client as to whether our client tapped into previously untapped potential and its impact upon our client’s core performance metrics.

Social Responsibility: We, as individuals and collectively as organizations, share a social responsibility to contribute to the success of our community. To acknowledge this shared responsibility, each new paying client may select a not-for-profit or governmental entity with a social/justice mission to receive a free leadership training session provided by our company. This training may be provided using webinar technology. Reimbursement for travel expenses will be necessary for charitable work exceeding 50 miles from our company’s headquarters.

Respect: In our culture, where social status is determined by one’s job position, title or net worth, respect is too often given only to persons deemed worthy of respect. We will serve as a role model for treating each person, regardless of status, with comparable respect. Feedback from our clients includes a metric for feedback as to whether we consistently treated each person with respect.

Customer Service: We strive to exceed our client’s expectations and win over every client as a raving fan. We settle for no less than a satisfied client. If services provided by our company are not satisfactory, then we will not accept payment for services rendered.

Interdependence: The ultimate success of our organizations, communities, country, and planet hinges upon our ability, individually and collectively, to realize a meaningful portion of the gifts and talents of each member. As an expression of our company’s respect for interdependence, Level 3 by Design donates a minimum of 8 hours each month to serve low income people, charitable organizations, or government entities who work with social/justice issues.

Learning and Mastery: Learning, which expands our capacity individually and collectively to produce results, is a lifelong opportunity. Mastery is a possibility that we can choose to continuously strive to achieve. It is never too late to make or renew a commitment to learning. Level 3 by Design will always seek and use both positive and constructive feedback from our clients as a means to facilitate our learning, strive to achieve mastery in our work, and consistently exceed our clients’ expectations. Feedback will always be sought at the end of a training session, training series or coaching session(s).

Integrity: The integrity of our organization hinges on each member doing what is morally and ethically right, keeping our word, and acting in a manner consistent with our mission, vision, and values. It is our intention to always maintain our integrity. If ever our work is delivered in a manner inconsistent with integrity, then we will reduce our bill for services rendered after seeking input from our client as to what might be considered an equitable adjustment.