Keynote Speeches

Keynote speeches are designed to stimulate, inspire, and motivate your audience. Stories are blended in with key ideas to expand your audiences’ perception as to what is possible for people to achieve individually and collectively. There is typically a relevant call to action for members of the audience to use what they learn to positively impact their corporate world and community. Keynote topics include: an introduction to the disciplined practice of constructivist thinking; effective leadership is a learned skill set; elevate your skills to effect change and empower the people around you, perceive creatively to unleash compelling possibilities for your company’s future; motivation and empowerment; unleash the power inherent in a vision; unlock the power of language; create self-fulfilling prophecies with intention; and transform constructive feedback into an awesome gift.

Our founder has a passion to deliver a message from a pulpit. It is a message of healing and hope, a message about how people of faith can build a bridge across socio-economic boundaries to enable family self-sufficiency. To quote Jose Arguelles “The failure of Christian civilization, or any other, has been its inability to live by the example of its teachers.” In this message, you will learn how our falling short in living by the example of our teacher contributes to the failure of our nation’s welfare system within the USA. While messages from the pulpit are typically a charitable gift from our company to a faith community, reimbursement for travel expenses may be necessary.

Fees for keynote speeches are negotiable. Please click on the email link below to request additional information.