It is heartening to see those once on welfare giving a helping hand to others to get off public assistance. He applauded welfare director Keith Weedman’s work and suggested he should be cloned and spread out across the state.
~~~then Governor Evan Bayh

I am no longer receiving any public assistance…. It doesn’t seem like enough to say ‘Thank you, Mr. Weedman!’ but I know in my heart that I speak this for all who have appreciated knowing him and being part of the success. His work has brought self-respect into the lives of many, not only the clients and former clients but the people in the organizations, businesses, government, and the many wonderful volunteers who know that together, we can make a difference. Mr. Weedman is a modern day pioneer who has developed this ‘community success’ approach, brought our community-conscious citizens into an active alliance and made the big difference…Bravo, Mr. Weedman!
~~~Linda Bell, author of a Letter to the Editor

When we first met as a group, most of us looked at welfare as being apart from us – it’s ‘those poor people’. Then, there was a shift in the paradigm – we realized as taxpayers, we are shareholders in the system.
~~~Meribeth Kussmaul, consultant Kussmaul and Associates