Our company’s services include interactive group leadership training, one-to-one leadership training, coaching, needs assessments, and key note speeches. All training sessions incorporate coaching. All of our services are grounded in our expertise in using a disciplined practice to help clients significantly elevate their skills to effect change, unleash creativity, and empower people. One to one training and coaching is typically provided remotely using webinar technology. Group leadership training is provided on site.

Leaders Ignite: Six Breakthrough Steps to Impassioned Leadership consists of six training modules. This training is provided one module at a time in 30 day intervals over six months. This program is provided to groups in two hour time blocks and to individuals in one hour time blocks. Each module includes a 30-day call to action to build skills from each session in a daily activity that can be completed in 10 minutes or less.

The introductory group price for the Leaders Ignite Program is $2,500. The introductory one-to-one price for Leaders Ignite is $1,000. Coaching can be purchased to augment Leaders Ignite at an introductory price of $600 for six, 30-minute, one-to-one sessions. Reduced fees are available for not for profit organizations. Fees for needs assessments and keynote speeches are negotiable. Reimbursement for travel expenses will be necessary for travel greater than 50 miles.

Our company provides a free leadership training session to introduce prospective clients to our company’s work. In this one-hour session, provided one-to-one or to a group, you will learn at least 3 ideas you can immediately use to elevate your skills to effect change, unleash creativity, and empower people. Please send an email to to request a free group or individual session. These sessions are usually provided remotely using webinar technology.