Our company blends coaching into a free, one-hour, interactive educational session. In this introductory session, you will learn 3 ideas you can immediately use to elevate your skills to empower people, unleash creativity and passion, and effect change. You will receive a daily call to action that you can do in less than ten minutes each day to elevate your skills. Through this free session, you will discover how learning an uncommon disciplined practice can help you significantly elevate these skills. We offer this session to you remotely using webinar technology.

Our Leaders Ignite leadership training program incorporates coaching into your one-to-one training sesions in a way similar to the introductory session. You receive the benefits from coaching along with the benefits of learning powerful ideas to significantly elevate these skills. The content of the six training modules in the Leaders Ignite Program is described in leadership training.

To help you further elevate these skills, you can purchase additional coaching either while participating in the Leaders Ignite Program or after completing this program. You can attain a skill level that is highly uncommon among leaders today and that will become essential among future generation leaders. This additional coaching is available on a month to month basis.

Please click on the email link at the bottom of this page to request a free, educational coaching session.