Our Company

Level 3 by Design’s work is about helping you, our valued customers, to first understand and then learn how to use a disciplined practice as leverage to effect change which leads to positive outcomes. Behavioral change, the changing of an old habit or the forming of a new one, is not the only way to effect change. There are higher levels of change which provide you with leverage to be more impactful. The disciplined practice of constructivist thinking is about building your capacity to use leverage to effect change.

We believe:
Every individual, organization, and community has untapped human potential that can be unleashed through learning a disciplined practice, an empowering way of “seeing” the world. That uncommon view, a constructivist’s* perspective, expands your capacity to see any person or situation differently at any moment in time. These skills are especially useful to you as a leader, or as someone aspiring to become one. From a constructivist’s frame of reference, you can empower people, breathe life into a vision, coach others to achieve breakthrough results in their performance, and look at any person or situation in ways that open up possibilities for your organization, community, and family. The more you use this disciplined practice to hone your skills, the more impactful you become in the areas you choose to use these skills.

Being a disciplined practitioner of constructivist thinking involves seeing your perception of reality as a creative act. You will learn to use knowledge and beliefs selectively, when they are both useful in achieving an intended result in a given situation and ethically and morally right. You will also learn to consider, before using, the extent to which your knowledge and beliefs are in alignment with your company’s mission, vision, and values. Where others may see only validation of their knowledge and beliefs, you will learn to see self-fulfilling prophecies, how what people believe or know to be true becomes true. You will learn to exercise your ethical and moral responsibility by using self-fulfilling prophecies to have a Pygmalion (positive) effect upon other people, your organization, and your community and avoid those having a Golem (negative) one.

* Constructivism is a theory that reality cannot be known with certainty. All that can be known with certainty is what reality is not. For example, current scientific theories are considered to be not yet disproven instead of the traditional view that established theories have been proven, a truth “discovered” about the world. According to constructivism, knowledge fits reality like a key fits a lock. Like a master or sub-master key fits the same lock, there are other constructs which fit the same reality.