Keith Weedman shares his deep passion and disciplined commitment through his training and coaching. As a leader, I have benefitted from Keith’s coaching as he helped me view the world from a new perspective. He has expanded my ability to see possibilities and potential all around me, he has given me practical tools to improve my ability to be a positive influence to others, and he has modeled the principles he teaches in his own involvement in the community. Keith’s coaching has helped me raise my skills to become a more supportive father, empowering pastor, and committed community leader. I recommend Keith Weedman’s training for anyone serious about growing in their role as a leader.
Felipe Martinez, Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Columbus, IN
I had the privilege of being coached by Keith Weedman, leadership coach and Principal of Level 3 by Design, over the period of several months. Keith is a passionate and dedicated leader whose life mission is to share his advanced leadership insights with organizations, communities, families, and individuals. By asking the right questions at the right time, he challenges individuals to build a new point of view to bring forth hidden potential and achieve breakthroughs. Keith empowers people to question every assumption by taking small daily actions. Every session was motivating, challenging, and life-changing. I highly recommend Keith to anyone looking to learn and grow from every experience.
Cindy Allen-Stuckey, Coach, Facilitator, Trainer, Speaker at Making Performance Matter
Keith believes in and practices a mentality of better every day. Through his coaching he challenges others to view their world as they want it to be and develop habits to become better each day.

Keith’s focus and strength is in developing leaders and helping mold change from the top down. He offers a unique perspective and gives great insight and feedback to develop leaders of all (or no) titles.

Keith and his coaching is truly transformational and something that every leader can benefit from learning.

Ian McGriff, Digitial Marketing Sales Director, AIM Media, Columbus, IN
I had the honor of being coached by leadership coach Keith Alan Weedman, and I highly recommend him.

During our sessions, Keith’s skills, expertise, and caring personality shone through. He empowered me to recognize the leadership skills I already had, and he also greatly improved my ability to effect change in my clients’ lives. Each time we met, he coached me in such a way that I left with clear and specific action steps to immediately implement. The coaching was deep, yet enjoyable and targeted, and I am grateful to have honed my leadership skills.

Elizabeth Clark, Marketing and Mindset Coach, Alberta, Canada
Keith Weedman is a generous and perceptive leader who is dedicated to sharing his nuanced leadership insights with others. Keith is in the construction business, but not in the way that we think of that trade. He has a ‘constructivist’ philosophy that encourages and challenges people to build a new point of view that frames every moment has a possibility for growth.

Keith is one of the most optimistic men I’ve ever met.

After spending six sessions with Keith, he has left a lasting impression on me. I now understand how to consistently respond to situations that best benefit myself and those whom I serve.

Keith’s indelible ‘spark’ lights up those who have the honor to be in relationship with him. I believe his greatest joys are when he sees others understand their leadership potential.

Eric Riddle, Outdoor and New Segments Product Coordinator, Cosco, Columbus, IN
I had the pleasure of working with Keith over the course of several months to hone my leadership skills. He over delivered each and every session!

The questions that he asked challenged my status quo, which brought about new awareness of my circumstances and my view of the future. Through his leading and encouragement of small daily actions, I have now become a much better version of myself compared to before.

With much appreciation, I firmly believe in Keith and recommend his program to all who seek a breakthrough in their lives.

Lionel Barnabas Low, Senior Digital Analytics Consultant and Founder, Flashmech.net, Singapore
Keith Alan Weedman is an incredible individual and a highly skilled and effective trainer. His passion and dedication is one of excellence. Rhinesha Dayanand and I had the opportunity of being coached by Keith. His techniques are very effective and as a coach he thouroughly reseraches his questions and comments. He is a kind soul and one who is reaching for the stars. I would highly recommend Keith as a trainer, business coach and motivator. Well done, Keith Alan Weedman.
Nelson Reddy, CEO of Nelson Reddy International, Durban, South Africa
I am very blessed to have the opportunity to work with Keith on the leaders Ignite sessions and learn more about this company. I was highly recommended by some good friends of mine and I am very intrigued. Keith has such a great way of delivering his content and is very passionate about it, it inspires you to want to catch that spark too, and once you do you are unstoppable!
Casey Stinson, Assembly, Cummins through Elwood Staffing, Columbus, IN
Working with Keith was a great experience, he has helped me to see things in a better light and has helped me look at many things in better ways. Thank you Keith.
Sebastien Tritz, Life Enhancement Coach and Eric Lofholm International Sales Coach, Alberta, Canada
Excellent Coach, always motivating to move you forward.
Rhinesha Dayanand, Coach and Sales Trainer, Durban, South Africa
Working with Keith from Level 3 by Design has changed the culture of our organization. Before Keith we had a lot of team members with good intentions who weren’t quite sure what to do with all of the tools in their toolbox. Keith was the mentor that we all needed in order to break out our skills and create something great. We have seen employees transform over just a few short months and have felt a new vitality and renewal of energy from the ground up. Without Keith’s guidance and support this shift in spirit would not have been possible. He truly has the power to change an organization at every level if your organization is willing and ready to transform.
Sheryl Adams, Director & Erika Hefler, Assistant Director
Sans Souci, Columbus, IN
In working with Keith at Level 3 by Design, I have been introduced to the principals of constructivist thinking and am currently applying what I am learning to me personally as well as professionally. When working with members of Bartholomew County Works, I feel better equipped to help members realize their potential. Personally, I see the effects of realizing the possibilities as well as what positive outcomes have fallen into place as I have transformed parts of my thinking to model the constructivist views. Overall, I feel as if Keith would be an invaluable asset to any organization or individual to help realize their potential.

Keith has been an integral part of the Bartholomew County Works program. Keith uses the principals of constructivist thinking to help make long term physical, mental, and emotional transformations of our members who traditionally have many barriers to overcome in order to gain and sustain employment as well as self-sufficiency. The care and attention Keith gives to each individual, helps meet the needs of the participants as well as empowers them and teaches them to realize their fullest potential. BCW is very fortunate to have his expertise intricately woven into the overall curriculum, which directly attributes to the success of the members.
Cathy King, Financial Stability Coordinator, United Way of Bartholomew County, Columbus, IN
The call to light the spark invites each employee to unlock the sometimes hidden and unknown talents he or she has. Opening up communication among employees reveals the hidden possibilities for growth that had been unknown until their spark had been ignited. Once communication and interaction among employees became a natural response to Keith Weedman’s leadership, I learned how to walk a balance beam between training a specific skill to an employee while empowering that employee to recognize his or her full potential. I was surprised by how just a few phrases of gratitude combined with encouragement revealed enthusiasm to accomplish so much more than had originally been anticipated.

Entering the initial session with skepticism and a “show me” attitude, I soon opened up to the Level 3 concept that Keith Weedman espoused. Putting that concept to work in the trenches of the Sans Souci day to day activities is both challenging and revealing. Prior to accepting the empowerment theory, I noticed the reluctance by employees to attempt creative methods for completing their assignment. After lighting our sparks and accepting our strengths and weaknesses, I have accepted the message of empowerment as a positive way to unleash vision and creativity among employees.
Marlene Fabiny Dollinger Customer Service, Cashier, Mentor, Sans Souci, Columbus, IN