October 13

Elevate Your Skill to Empower People by Owning Perceiving to Be a Creative Act

Perceiving is a creative act. When you own your creativity, you can perceive any person, situation, or repetitive pattern differently and in a way that opens new possibilities for the future. You can empower someone around you by helping them perceive a specific person or situation differently and in an empowering way. In this article, I will show you how viewing perceiving to be a creative act is more beneficial for you and people around you than viewing it as a passive one (simply seeing the world as it truly is). I will share different ways of perceiving people and situations and some of the benefits you and your company can experience from owning perceiving to be a creative act. I will also share a story.

June 26

Assumptions to Empower People

How effectively can you empower people around you? Do you utilize useful assumptions to empower people? If yes, what assumptions do you employ? How does the experience of empowering others impact you? Imagine you utilizing useful assumptions to empower people while you elevate this skill. Envision you helping people around you learn how to do this too. How would this benefit you, your company, and people around you?

January 13

Perceiving Creatively: The Gift and the Skill

How effective are you in perceiving creatively? How readily can you change the way in which you perceive any given person? How quickly can you see a win-win opportunity in a challenging situation? How easily can you help the people around you perceive a specific person or situation in a way that opens up compelling possibilities for your people and your company?